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Alpha Stats Inc is a specialty CRO providing Biostatistics, Statistical Programming, and Medical Writing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We are in the process of extending our services in the area of clinical data management and pre-clinical research. Alpha Stats is a New Jersey Corporation, previously operating as NJ Biostatistics Inc since 1999. Alpha Stats is headed by a Biostatistician with a PhD having over 25 years of statistical experience. We support our clients by way of functional roles on clients projects, both on-site support and via remote access to clients systems. Our professionals also support as Independent Statisticians and Independent SAS Programmers for un-blinded analysis, and support DSMB and IDMC. We meet all criteria mandated by the GCP, ICH and FDA guidelines. Our professionals work closely with clients Biostatisticians, Statistical Programmers, Data Management team, Clinicians, Medical Writers, and Regulatory Affairs. Mathematical and computer methodology is developed for innovative statistical designs and analyses.