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Alpha Stats is a cost effective CRO committed to high quality and timely completion of clients projects. Alpha Stats is against unnecessary overtime billings and change orders. Since employees in most of the pharmaceutical companies are not paid for overtime, it is unreasonable for CROs to burden clients on account of overtime. It is well known that workload can be light at some time points, so it is unreasonable to bill clients for overtime whenever resources are required to put in a little more time and effort. The full time employee (FTE) model is helpful to client as well as CROs. The FTE model considers extra hours of effort as a part of their job responsibilities. However, the need for extra work hours of work and pressure should be avoided by managing projects efficiently. It is generally the re-work on SAS programs which drives to situations of the need for extra hours of work. We have observed that most CROs create a havoc asking its clients for approval of engaging extra resources or justifying the need of extra hours of work whenever adhoc requests are received. In such situation clients do not have much to say because such requests are generally urgent, and eventually clients end up paying CROs exorbitantly. Alpha Stats handles such situations by reprioritizing the tasks and by obtaining sufficient specifications and documentation for execution of such requests. Sufficient specifications are very important in a fast execution of any adhoc analysis. Our professionals happily devote extra hours at no additional cost and are flexible in making them available beyond regular work hours and even weekends. Cooperation and dedication of our professionals have eliminated overtime costs for our clients. Our professionals are highly experienced with excellent communication skills.

Unlike many CROs, Alpha Stats involves its clients in face to face technical screening and selection of resources for their projects. We have observed that many CROs engage resources with insufficient experience after the award of projects outsourced to them. Alpha Stats identifies resources up front before starting any project and the same resources support the client until completion. Our resources communicate directly with the client's team in an attempt to be treated as extended team member. Alpha Stats always tries to accommodate within our clients budget.