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Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Alpha Stats has professionals highly experienced in analysis and reporting of health economics and outcomes research. We support our clients in preparing and presenting research articles, abstracts and posters.  We also present papers on their behalf at conferences. Our goal is to assist our clients in generating new knowledge from patients´┐Ż data from clinics and health insurance claims databases in understanding of therapy with particular drugs, and in finding some cohorts with higher efficacy and/or safety that may help clients in promoting marketing of their products. We have experience in the following major areas, cardiovascular in particular:


Outcomes Research Using Clinical Trials Data

1.   Duration of hospitalization and time to hospitalization using complicated Cox Regression models with thorough evaluation of model fitting

2.    Summaries for Medical Resources Utilization Data


Outcomes Research Using Patients Data from Clinics and Health Insurance Claims

1.    Retrieval, cleaning, and conversion of data from different file types to SAS datasets

2.    Patients Information including Medical History

3.    Summaries by diagnosis and length of treatment by indications

4.    Summaries by Medications and Concomitant Medication

5.    Association between medical conditions and use of prescribed medications

6.    Summaries of contraindications if any

7.    Number of hospitalizations and/or any special medical care during therapy.